Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pine Wood Derby

This was Jadens first year getting to participate in the Pine Wood Derby, Between Jaden, Dave and I there were alot of hours that went into getting Jadens car done. Jaden picked out the design I cut out the wood and Dave and Jaden sanded and painted, and sanded and painted some more. The day of the big race finally came and Jaden was so excited, after about 20 heats it came down to a tie between Jadens car and one other. So they then had to do best out of 3 races, aaannnddd Jaden WON!!!! He was so excited, Dave and I were just as excited since it was our car too :-) Jaden has loved being in scouts and we are proud of him, he just earned his Wolf badge and can't wait to be in a Bear Scout. He is such an awesome kid!!! Jaden we LOVE YOU!