Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4th of July

Normally we spend every year in Holbrook with Dave's family for the 4Th of July, but this year we were able to spend it in Albuquerque, NM. With some of our amazing friends, we love to go back to Abq and visit. This visit was extra special because we were able to spend some time with some friends that we hadn't seen in a couple of years.
We were able to head up there on the 1st and spent the first couple of days with our friends the Ritchies, they have six awesome kids. Which two of them happen to be Jaden and Ty's best friends so they were in heaven being able be with them 24/7. Of course I forgot to take any pics of them together but they had a fun time playing and watching movies. We got to hang out with some our friends from our old ward, it felt just like old times. We really do miss our good friends from Abq.
We got to spend the 4Th and 5Th with our friends the Neidigs, they moved from Abq about the same time we had. So it's been awhile since we have seen them, And during that time Chad the father of the family was diagnosed with stage 4 b-cell lymphoma. Which when we got that news last year Dave and I were devastated, these friends are like family to us and my heart just ached at the struggles that I knew knew they would face. So for the past year Chad had been under going a new trial treatment for his cancer and although there were some very scary times. (we almost lost him last Oct to pneumonia) He is now doing great and so far is disease free, so we were really looking froward to spending some time with them and seeing for ourselves that he was well.
So we had an wonderful 4Th relaxing and swimming and just catching up and enjoying each others company.

Jaden, Cole, Ty, Liam and Hailey

Amy and I

Chad and Dave

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Vacation 2010

Better Late than never right.... At the beginning of the summer we were able to take the kids to Florida, to see their cousins and spend a little time at the Nick Hotel. Let me just say it was long day getting there and an even longer one coming home. But it was so worth it!
Dave's brother Gary and his family live in Tallahassee,Fl and we haven't seen them since Ty was about9 months old. So needless to say it was long over due for us to go see them. We were able to spend five days with them and the kids just loved it, the first couple of days we spent in
Tallahassee just relaxing and playing. The cousins have 4 wheelers and a little piece of land on their property so the kids spent every minute they could out there. Ty had no fear at all when it came to driving them, he was doing doughnuts, fish tailing and of course seeing just how fast he could go. Jaden was a little bit more reserved but still had a great time, and Cole was just excited to catch a ride anytime he could.

On the third day we headed up the coast to a place called Apalacha Cola, my sister in-laws mom and step dad own a beach house up there so we were able to spend some time on the beach. The house was beautiful and we had some amazing storms while we were there. It was awesome to just sit out on the porch and listen to the thunder and watch the waves crash on the beach. I completely forgot to take pictures of the house and the storm, but it truly was amazing.
We were able to spend one day on St.George Island, it has beautiful white sand beaches and the water was pretty clear. We spent the day finding sand dollars, body surfing and burying people in the sand. It was so nice to just sit back and relax, watching my children laugh and play in the sand and water is one my favorite things to do.I wish time could just stand still and we can stay in moments like that forever. Seeing the excitement in their eyes as they see or do something new always brings a smile to my face as well.
Eventually we did have to head back to Tallahassee and then head back down to Orlando, but we had an amazing time with Gary's family and we definitely won't be waiting 6 six years to go back there again.

After spending Five days with Gary's family we headed to Orlando, we are not huge Disney fans so no we did not go to Disney World. Instead we spent the last 4 days of our vacation at the Nick Hotel. The boys have been seeing commercials for this place for years now, and have always asked to go. We told them at the beginning of last school year that if they did well in school and got all A's and all green days that we would take them there this summer. And so the boys did just that, I must say that I am so glad they did because we had an awesome time there. The rooms were super cute, decorated in Nick themes, the boys got a Jimmy Neutron room with bunk beds. And then Dave and I had a room to ourselves as well. We never left the hotel there was always something to do from the water park, to game shows, getting slimed, a 4-d theatre, an arcade and more. There was the twice a day slimming, game shows by the pool that Jaden got to participate in. I was a little worried about how logistically it would work with Cole since he's so little and can't do the things the older boys can. But it was so nice because most of the time Jaden and Ty Could be off doing their own thing while Dave and I played with Cole in the large pool. It is such a family friendly place we loved it. The last night there was their five year Anniversary of the hotel being open so they had a DJ and cake and cup cakes for everyone, they did slimming every hour and had contests for everyone to participate in. It was so much fun, and a great way to end our vacation.

Cole didn't enjoy being slimed, but the rest of us did!

Kindergarten Graduation!

Yes I know I'm very late in posting this.

On may 16th Ty graduated from Kindergarten, I am so proud of my boy. I can't believe this school year has gone by so quickly. I remember the first day of school and walking Ty into be with his teacher. He was so brave but nervous, and I of course cried a little bit when I had to leave him there. And although we had a few ups and downs with teachers he had an awesome year. I am amazed at what he has learned and what he is capable of doing, I have to say that I do love the school that the boys go to. They really help the kids excel and go above the standard requirements. And the boys love it!
Ty is my sweet, but tough little boy! He has such a tender heart and doesn't hesitate to give hugs and kisses. And is a friend to everyone, he has no fear of anything other than new foods he has never tried. He always has a sparkle in his eye and a mischievous look to him, you never know what he is going to say or do. And that always keeps us on our toes and laughing. We're so proud of you Ty we LOVE you!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

14 Years!

Wow! Dave and I just celebrated our 14 year Anniversary, I must say that the last 14 years have flown by. I remember the day we got married, and thinking that I could never love David more than I did at that moment. But how wrong I was, with each day, week and year that has gone by I've come to love him more and more. He is my best friend, the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, the love of my life, I'm sure you get the picture.
This year Dave surprised me with a BEAUTIFUL one of a kind ring from a jewelry designer that I love out of New Mexico. I have to say that normally I usually hate surprises, (because I have some control issues) but I loved this one. Let's just back up to how it all came about. Earlier this year we had some Friends in town from Abq and she was wearing a ring that I just love. I mentioned to Dave that I loved the ring and would love to have one like it. I didn't think he was really listening to the conversation, but thankfully he was. He contacted my friend and between the two of them they were able to get me my ring. I didn't really think that I was getting anything this year because we were saving up for our family vacation. So Sunday morning when he pulled out a little gift bag with the name Lilly Barrack on it I was in total shock, I couldn't believe that he had actually gotten me a present, let alone a piece of jewelry. I could have sworn he wasn't paying attention at all to the conversation with my friend. So THANK YOU Babe you are the best!!! I look forward to the spending eternity with you, I Love You!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pine Wood Derby

This was Jadens first year getting to participate in the Pine Wood Derby, Between Jaden, Dave and I there were alot of hours that went into getting Jadens car done. Jaden picked out the design I cut out the wood and Dave and Jaden sanded and painted, and sanded and painted some more. The day of the big race finally came and Jaden was so excited, after about 20 heats it came down to a tie between Jadens car and one other. So they then had to do best out of 3 races, aaannnddd Jaden WON!!!! He was so excited, Dave and I were just as excited since it was our car too :-) Jaden has loved being in scouts and we are proud of him, he just earned his Wolf badge and can't wait to be in a Bear Scout. He is such an awesome kid!!! Jaden we LOVE YOU!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I know I have been slacking on updating my blog. I really have no excuse for not doing it other than the fact that my computer is so slow lately; it makes me dread the idea of trying to upload pics. Life has been busy the kids sports have started up again, Jaden is doing wrestling and Ty is doing wrestling and soccer. Yes I am officially a soccer mom, I never thought I would say that. So we are busy almost every night. Here are a few highlights from the last couple of months.
Christmas was nice and relaxing this year, we spent it here at home all by ourselves. Since last year was crazy, I wanted it to be as low key as possible, and just enjoy the time with my children and husband. Jaden and Ty each got their dual action light sabers and a couple of video games. Cole got a tricycle that has a handle on the back so we can push him around the neighborhood while the older boys are out riding their bikes. I loved watching the reaction on my kids faces as they realize what Santa has brought them. I was so disappointed with myself though, I got the video camera out so that I could record the kids as they were discovering what they had received from Santa. I turned it on and got in place, then they come down and were so excited. I realized about five minutes later that I had forgotten to press the record button. I so wanted to make them reenact it, but Dave wouldn't let me. At least I got a few still pics. All in all we had a wonderful day.

I am now one year older, that's right, I am now 32. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that I am getting older. When I look in the mirror I don't see a 32 year old ,and I try to convince myself that I don't look any older than 27. So for my B-day we took the kids on the light rail to down town Phoenix, and had lunch at the Hardrock Cafe. The kids had a blast riding the light rail and it was fun seeing their excitement. I had a wonderful day enjoying the company of my wonderful husband and beautiful children. Then I got to enjoy a yummy dinner from PF Changs. I guess it's not so bad getting older as long as you are surrounded by the people you love.

The kids:
Lets see, the kids are keeping me busy. Cole is into everything. I can't leave him alone for a minute. Unless of course I want to find him on top of the kitchen table, or climbing onto the stove, or emptying my cupboard or drawers or pulling out all of the games and toys. You get the picture, he is a very active little boy. He is starting to say more and more words , or he has certain sounds for certain things. So he is able to at least communicate some what. He is a very serious little boy when he is around strangers, but when he's comfortable around you, his little personality comes out. And you can't help but smile.

Ty just lost his first tooth last month, it was barely hanging on, and then he and Jaden were having a pillow fight. Of course it got knocked out, and of course it had to land in the carpet, the very plush carpet. So finding it was quite the chore, Dave ended up being the hero who found it. Ty was So excited to finally get to put a tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Ty has also started soccer and wrestling, he was way more excited about soccer since this is his first year doing it. His first game is this Saturday he can't wait to wear his uniform.

Jaden is growing up so fast, I remember him being so small and thinking I can't wait to see what he grows up to be like. And now as I'm watching him I'm so proud of him. He is such a sweet, helpful kid, he loves to make people laugh and he has this sparkle in his eye whenever you look at him. This year he's doing wrestling again, and seems to be really catching on this year. He also wants to try out hockey, we'll see if we can make that happen. He is now a Cub Scout and is loving it, his first pine wood derby is coming up next week. He and Dave have been working so hard and the car and I must say that is looking pretty good!

So in a nutshell, that has been our life latey.