Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Vacation 2010

Better Late than never right.... At the beginning of the summer we were able to take the kids to Florida, to see their cousins and spend a little time at the Nick Hotel. Let me just say it was long day getting there and an even longer one coming home. But it was so worth it!
Dave's brother Gary and his family live in Tallahassee,Fl and we haven't seen them since Ty was about9 months old. So needless to say it was long over due for us to go see them. We were able to spend five days with them and the kids just loved it, the first couple of days we spent in
Tallahassee just relaxing and playing. The cousins have 4 wheelers and a little piece of land on their property so the kids spent every minute they could out there. Ty had no fear at all when it came to driving them, he was doing doughnuts, fish tailing and of course seeing just how fast he could go. Jaden was a little bit more reserved but still had a great time, and Cole was just excited to catch a ride anytime he could.

On the third day we headed up the coast to a place called Apalacha Cola, my sister in-laws mom and step dad own a beach house up there so we were able to spend some time on the beach. The house was beautiful and we had some amazing storms while we were there. It was awesome to just sit out on the porch and listen to the thunder and watch the waves crash on the beach. I completely forgot to take pictures of the house and the storm, but it truly was amazing.
We were able to spend one day on St.George Island, it has beautiful white sand beaches and the water was pretty clear. We spent the day finding sand dollars, body surfing and burying people in the sand. It was so nice to just sit back and relax, watching my children laugh and play in the sand and water is one my favorite things to do.I wish time could just stand still and we can stay in moments like that forever. Seeing the excitement in their eyes as they see or do something new always brings a smile to my face as well.
Eventually we did have to head back to Tallahassee and then head back down to Orlando, but we had an amazing time with Gary's family and we definitely won't be waiting 6 six years to go back there again.

After spending Five days with Gary's family we headed to Orlando, we are not huge Disney fans so no we did not go to Disney World. Instead we spent the last 4 days of our vacation at the Nick Hotel. The boys have been seeing commercials for this place for years now, and have always asked to go. We told them at the beginning of last school year that if they did well in school and got all A's and all green days that we would take them there this summer. And so the boys did just that, I must say that I am so glad they did because we had an awesome time there. The rooms were super cute, decorated in Nick themes, the boys got a Jimmy Neutron room with bunk beds. And then Dave and I had a room to ourselves as well. We never left the hotel there was always something to do from the water park, to game shows, getting slimed, a 4-d theatre, an arcade and more. There was the twice a day slimming, game shows by the pool that Jaden got to participate in. I was a little worried about how logistically it would work with Cole since he's so little and can't do the things the older boys can. But it was so nice because most of the time Jaden and Ty Could be off doing their own thing while Dave and I played with Cole in the large pool. It is such a family friendly place we loved it. The last night there was their five year Anniversary of the hotel being open so they had a DJ and cake and cup cakes for everyone, they did slimming every hour and had contests for everyone to participate in. It was so much fun, and a great way to end our vacation.

Cole didn't enjoy being slimed, but the rest of us did!

Kindergarten Graduation!

Yes I know I'm very late in posting this.

On may 16th Ty graduated from Kindergarten, I am so proud of my boy. I can't believe this school year has gone by so quickly. I remember the first day of school and walking Ty into be with his teacher. He was so brave but nervous, and I of course cried a little bit when I had to leave him there. And although we had a few ups and downs with teachers he had an awesome year. I am amazed at what he has learned and what he is capable of doing, I have to say that I do love the school that the boys go to. They really help the kids excel and go above the standard requirements. And the boys love it!
Ty is my sweet, but tough little boy! He has such a tender heart and doesn't hesitate to give hugs and kisses. And is a friend to everyone, he has no fear of anything other than new foods he has never tried. He always has a sparkle in his eye and a mischievous look to him, you never know what he is going to say or do. And that always keeps us on our toes and laughing. We're so proud of you Ty we LOVE you!!!