Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Trip to Mexico

This past week Dave and I took the boys down to Rocky Point for our family vacation. We had a great time, we stayed at a resort right on the beach. So if we weren't at the beach we were at the pool. I didn't know how Ty would do playing on the beach because in the past he has always hated it. But this trip he loved it, I was shocked to see him just run straight for the water. The only thing he didn't like was when the salt water got in his eyes.

Jaden couldn't wait to build sand castles and get buried in the sand. We made him and Ty into mermaids they loved it. They both discovered hermit crabs that lived on the coral, once the tide went out you could play with these crabs in little pools of water on the beach. They each wanted to bring one home, luckily we were able to talk them out of that idea. Dave and the boys also took a ride on one of the red shark, Jaden was a little scared about about going that far out into the ocean, nut once the were going they had a great time and wanted to go again.

Jaden & Ty playing with the Hermit Crabs

Our resort had a water slide and lazy river in the pool area, plus activities for the kids most of the day. It was so much fun watching the boys have a great time, I wish we could have stayed longer.

Dave & Ty on the slide

Jaden preferred the slide
without a tube.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Dave!!

Okay so I just have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To my wonderful husband. On Tuesday he celebrated his 34Th birthday, we really didn't do to much on his actual birthday. I made him one of his favorite dinners and made his favorite cake. He always has to have a Cherry Chip cake. Then we spent time just relaxing and playing games as a family. His present isn't here yet, he's getting a GPS system for his car. I can't tell if he's more excited about it or if I am.

I just want you to know Honey I love being your wife and being able to celebrate special days with you. You are the best and I must say that I am the luckiest woman in the world. I hope this year will be wonderful for you.

4th of July!

So for the 4Th of July we love to spend it in Holbrook, AZ with Daves family. There is nothing like a small town 4Th. In Holbrook they have a B-BQ for the whole town put on by the Fire Dept. It is the best and the kids love to play on the fire trucks. My brother in-law is a fireman there so he always brings a fire truck by my in-laws house and takes all the kids for a ride. They love it! Then for the fire works we head out to the mesa and watch them go off, it is cool the fire works are literally going off over your head. so you either have to lay down or crane your neck to see them. The kids love to watch them but they think it's to loud. Ty actually fell asleep towards the end, I don't know how he slept through the noise but he did. Then we always go back to Daves parents house and do sparklers and what ever else we happen to bring from NM. It was a great weekend and nice to get away from the heat.
The kids on the firetruck!


So this past week we were able to go back Albuquerque and see some of our best friends, the Neidigs. They are a family that moved from Abq to Walla Walla, WA about two months after we moved here. We've never been able to get up to Walla Walla, so when we heard that they would be in Abq there was no way we weren't going to be there. It was so much fun seeing them, I can't believe how much their kids have grown in the past year. Of course they thought the same thing about Jaden and TY. So we were able to spend a good amount of time with them at B-BQs and swim parties, I really wish they lived closer to us. It was like old times again while were there, I wish that we all could have stayed longer.

Me and Amy

We stayed with the Ritchies while we were in Abq and the kids loved that, the Ritchies have 5 kids. So needless to say the kids were never board. We really appreciate the Ritchies for letting us invade their house for 5 days. Hopefully they have recovered from us being there.

The kids had loved having water fights, it was so fun watching them have fun!