Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4 Months

Cole is now 4 months old and he's doing great. The doctors had been a little worried that he could have suffered some brain damage when he was in the hospital. But as of right now he is right on track for his age, he's rolling over , grabbing for toys and interacting with all of us. He is such a happy little baby always smiling and laughing. He also knows what he likes and doesn't like and where he wants to go. I love the fact that he is becoming active, the older my kids get the more fun I have.Here's his stats at 4 months
Weight 15.13 lbs 75 percentile

Height 26in 75 percentile

The Doc says that i'm allowed to take him out shopping with me now. I just need to avoid places where he could come in close contact with people. So i'm excited to get out of the house and feel like a normal person again.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fender Bender

Yes today I got in a little accident I was headed to my brothers house from the tournament and I looked down for a second. When I looked back up the truck in front of me had started to slow down to turn a corner, I slammed on my brakes and tried to swerve but it didn't help. Well I guess it somewhat helped because it could have been a lot worse, I would have been fine if this truck wouldn't of had a trailer on it, he could have gone around the corner faster. And I could have missed him, but as it was I slammed into his trailer. My fender was a lot more damaged than his trailer, which I think is a good thing. The guy I hit was very nice considering what I did, he says he's just going to fix the trailer himself and not even worry about making an insurance claim. I still have to make a claim because along with my fender getting screwed up I also did something to the radiator.There happened to be two police officers witness this accident so they came over to make sure we were all okay, and give me a ticket. So on Monday I have to get quotes to fix my car, and now I get to pay $180.00 to go to traffic school then a $500.00 deductable for our insurance. I'm grateful Cole and I weren't hurt and that we have insurance, hopefully the insurance company will be easy to work with.

Their 1ST tournament

So wrestling season has started again, and today was Jaden and Ty's first tournament. They were both excited and nervous each hoping that they would win a medal. I have to say I was a little nervous to, you always want your children to do well. And you never know who they'll be paired with or how many times they'll have to wrestle. I was also nervous to see how Ty would react, last year wasn't so great for him. Every time he would get on the mat he would cry and refuse to wrestle, so I wondered how he would do this year. He did great! He went out there and did his best and had fun, he ended up getting a third place medal and was super excited. Jaden is doing better this season to, he's trying harder and actually catching on to what needs to happen on the mat, he's super proud of his second place medal. Dave and I are excited to watch the boys have fun with this, Dave especially since he's their coach this year. I've told the boys it doesn't matter if you win as long as you have fun and try your best, I hope they can remember that throughout the season.


I'm excited my new gadgets are here, one is a battery operated booger sucker. I know some of you may think it's weird to get excited over this, but ever since Cole has been home from the hospital I have been missing the power of the nose sucker they have there. The bulb syringe just doesn't do the job as well as this thing and Cole tolerates it a lot better than the bulb syringe. It also plays music, which I could really care less about but hey that's what it does.

The other gadget I got is a breathing monitor, I call it his buzzy. You can see Cole wearing it below, I went with this one because it's portable I love the fact that he can wear it anywhere, the car, the swing, the bed any where I choose. All the other monitors I looked at were mats that the baby slept on so they could really only be used in one place. This monitors the movement of his stomach if there is no movement after 15 seconds it vibrates trying to wake the child, if that doesn't get them moving than within 5 seconds an alarm goes off. After seeing Cole stop breathing in the hospital this helps me sleep much better at night. Cole sleeps with us still and I have felt it buzz him once or twice but the only time the alarm has gone off is when it fell off the diaper. Which has only happened once, although it did scare me for a second or two. I am so excited to have these gadgets they help make my life easier!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Picture tag.
Here are the directions:
Open up the 6Th picture folder on your computer.Post the 6Th picture in the folder and tell the story of it.Then tag 6 of your friends.

Okay so I know it's not an exciting photo,but hey it is number 6. This photo was taken with our underwater camera 3 years ago while Dave and I were in Barbados celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I would love to go back there again.
The people I tag are: Mindi, Mendie, Aleah, Christina, Frances,and Michelle