Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My brother in law was able to get my prego pics done for me, I love them! The boys had a great time and they all turned out so good. Below are just a few of my favorites i'm 30 weeks prego in these pics. I can't belive how fast this pregnancy is going by.
Nate thanks again for taking these for me, it's going to be hard to decide which ones I want to get printed up.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My brother in law Nathan is starting up a photography business, and I volunteered us to be some of his guinea pigs. I was so excited to get some new family pics and I wanted to try doing some maternity shots also. But for those of you who don't know Ty very well don't know that if he doesn't want to do something he will make your life miserable. So my brother in law is trying to take photos and Ty is doing everything he can to not be in any of the photos. By the end I was so frustrated, if you notice in the picture below you can't see TY. Well that is because he was throwing a fit, he is actually laying down in between Dave and I. Needless to say we didn't even try to get any maternity pictures. There were a handful of pictures that turned out well and they are below. My brother in law really does do a great job, I love how he captures candid shots rather than have every thing really posed. You can check out his web page through the NL Photography link on my blog. Thanks Nate I Love the pictures that did turn out.

Monday, August 4, 2008

1st Day of School!

Today was the first day of school for the boys, Jaden is now in 2ND grade and Ty is in Pre-School. I can't believe that school is already starting, the summer just flew by I don't know if I'm ready to be back on a schedule again.

Jaden woke up before I did, excited to start his first day of school. We had to find ways to waste time till it was time to head out the door. This year his Teacher is Mrs. Scheek she seems really nice and Jaden is excited to have her as a teacher. She actually teaches a class that is half 2nd grade and half 3rd grade. They have taken some the higher performing 2nd graders and put them in this class and they will be learning some the 3rd grade curriculum. Jaden is excited because that means he'll get to dissect animals for Science.

Ty on the other hand was didn't want to get out of bed so early in the morning, but once he remembered that school was starting he hopped right up. Once we got Jaden settled in at school it was time to get Ty to school, we had decided to eat breakfast at his new school so he was very excited. Once done eating we were off to class, his Teachers name is Ms. Shannon and she is very nice. Ty proudly hung up his back pack then gave me a hug good bye and was done with me. It was kinda sad to see him not need me to stick around.

Ty said he couldn't open his eyes because it was to bright out.

I will admit that I shed a few tears that day, I can't believe that both my boys are so big. I don't like how fast they are growing up, but I guess it has to happen. They both ended up having a wonderful 1st day of school.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaden!

I can't believe that Jaden is Seven years old now. It seem like just yesturday that he was a little baby. And now he's almost as tall as me and going into the second grade. I am so grateful though that he is still my sweet little boy who is always telling me how much he loves me and that i'm his best friend. He brings such a sweet spirit to our home and is always trying to help others. Below our are few pictures of him looking back over the years, I can't believe how fast time goes by.

Jaden I just want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so grateful to have you for a son.


My sister Mindi my boys and I and my Nephew Parker.

So we finally got our camping in for the summer, this past week. The boys were so excited they have been looking forward to it all summer. We went up to a beautiful place near the rim, it was so green and there were a couple of tree swings around. We like to go camping where there really is no one else around, so it was nice and secluded.

We always go with my family, so last Monday my sister and I loaded up our kids in my car and headed up to the mountains, to meet my parents and a couple of my brothers. My parents were nice enough to let my sister and I sleep in their camper while they roughed it in a tent. Even though I got to sleep in the camper the beds are as hard as rocks, and being 6 1/2 months prego they felt even worse. So after the first night of not being able sleep we went into Payson and I bought a king size 4inch thick memory foam mattress. Needless to say $170.00 later I did sleep much better the rest of our trip. Although I don't think Dave was to happy about how expensive it suddenly was to go camping. But he wasn't there to really stop me so the pregnant lady won out.

The boys spent the days shouting air guns, Beebe guns and going hiking. We found this cute little fort that looked like Eores house and so then we had proceed to find Poohs , piglets, and Rabbits house. None of the other houses were quite as impressive as Eores though. But hey it's just a good thing that kids have an imagination. Ty learned how to ride his bike with out training wheels while we were up there, he is so proud of himself, and I don't blame him. It rained almost everyday that we were there for about an hour it was nice, I love the smell of wet pine trees.

They were always on the swings!

(Jaden, Ty, and Parker)
This was Eores house!

Ty was able to find many ways to swing in a hammock!

This my other Nephew Sammie he loved playing in the dirt!

On Thursday Dave and my Brother in law Nate came up to finish out the week. Let's just say they are not so much into camping so by Friday afternoon they were ready to go home. But we made them stick it out until Saturday. Dave couldn't wait to get home and shower, and I guess after five days of not really getting a decent shower I kinda smelled to.
Needless to say after a very fun time we were ready to come home, I was so ready to sleep in my own bed and finally get a good nights sleep.